Don’t Be A TRD

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Creeping down 490 in traffic I can only describe as lugubrious, I feel an unavoidable frustration building. I’m in the passing lane, and beyond the bloated, dragging SUV in front of me, I can see miles of clear pavement beckoning. Why won’t this jerk get out of the way?

Just as the human body lives and dies by the systems which pump fluids from one organ to another, a city thrives due to the continuous pumping of people along it’s roads. In the interest of making that network of winding asphalt entrails more efficient, I’d like to remind the Typical Rochester Driver (or TRD, try sounding it out phonetically) of some of the rules and “ethics” of the road. I realize that to many I am preaching to the choir, but perhaps there is a TRD out there who will read this, learn something, and make driving more pleasurable for us all:

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When you talk about electronic music, most people tune out pretty quick.  I think this is because the electronic scene is swarmed with Dubstep music, which over shadows anything original being done. Luckily, bands like the Soviet Dolls still exist. Although they just released their first EP, Secrets, Lies, they already stand head and shoulders above their peers.  Their EP is a prime example of what electronic pop should be.

Soviet Dolls is a project created by Matthew Cavallaro and Stephen Quinn with vocals by Hannah Gouldrick. They have been in different bands but Soviet Dolls is their first venture into electronic pop music:

“Matt and I have been in bands together for years. We were kind of looking to do something new for a change. We have been in rock bands before, but we have always been into electronic music. We wanted to utilize more of our pop influences, and some of the more obscure stuff that we like.”

Hannah’s vocals are amazing. Her raw talent is coupled nicely with Matthew and Stephen’s instrumentals. The six songs EP makes you anxious for them to put out a full album. Personally I am interested to see how they translate their music into a live performance.

The EP can be found on their Bandcamp and is available for $5.

Download their single “White Knights” Here

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Even though this site is primarily focused around Rochester and the music that emanates from it, every once in a while we find an out of town band that deserves some attention. The End Men, from Brooklyn NY, just happens to be one of those bands.  They have an experimental blues rock sound that can’t be put into words, so i suggest you go see them at the Lovin Cup on October 12th with The Moho Collective and Josh Netsky. We met up with them to talk about touring internationally, becoming known as a band, and finding what happened when you drunkenly become part of a show.

How did the band get started?

We were kicking around some ideas and did some jamming with a few different people for a while, but the real genesis moment came from a night out drinking with some friends. At some point we were offered a slot on a show that was coming up and I guess we were just tanked enough to say yes. The next day we had like, drinkers’ remorse and had to face the fact that we had no songs, and no band! We called up an old friend to play some guitar and harmonica for us and then got the guy who offered us the gig to play bass since he was playing with his band already. We worked up five tunes and a Marilyn Manson cover song for the first gig (ha!).

The show got a really solid response though for a debut and we ended up doing one more gig and then Liv and I left the country for a month. When we got back we dove straight into recording the EP actually. No shows, just the recording. We kind of pushed our progress that way because we didn’t see a point in gigging around with nothing to hand the people. It is easy for them to say, “Oh you guys are awesome, I love your band!” and then wake up sober and not even remember your name. So we were like, “Oh you love us? Take a CD and remember us tomorrow!”

Then about a year ago now, Jason Godbey (the guitar and harmonica dude) left his full time commitment in the band to go and do a video production project and we decided to continue on as a duo. By the nature of that the songs evolved to be a bit more driving and rocking, and that also played really well with crowds, so since then we have just ran with that and it seems to be working so far. We are having fun at least!

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Why I’m a Fan Girl

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What do I know about music? It took me the first eighteen years of my life to sort through the nonsense and find a passion that would shape my tastes. One cannot be taught the definition of good music. It happens in an instant, the feeling that washes over you as the first notes are played. The realization that someone defines emotions as you do. That is music to me, the embodiment of emotion. That is why I am a Fan Girl.

By the time I was sixteen, I was quite embroiled in “the scene”. Having a hot shot guitarist boyfriend helped, but it was more than that. It introduced me to a life I had never known existed. There were these people, all my age, doing these amazing things with music. The music meant something. It wasn’t all girl and boys and crushes and lipstick. It was rebellion like I had never known. These kids all wore leather jackets and had things pierced I didn’t even know you could. They smoked and drank and cursed like sailors. Their music had a message. That message resounds through the local Rochester music scene. You cannot bring us down. We are not going away. We own this town.

So here I am, almost ten years later, still highly embroiled in the scene. The bands have changed and progressed. Some of the “locals” are not so local anymore, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. The scene isn’t just a scene anymore, it’s a community. I’ve seen fundraisers and picnics and some amazing damn shows. There are always egos and eccentrics, and sometimes even a little public nudity. I will always be there to support them because this is bigger than me. One has to be the change they want to see in the world. Here in Rochester we do that one show at a time.

Article by Maggie Elise

Music Spotlight: Scholar

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For this Music Spotlight, we got in touch with Scholar, a pop punk band that has been killing it recently. We met up to talk about their new EP, the changing music scene, and their zombie plan.

How did the band get started?

Jon: I’m not entirely sure, since I only joined a few months back — but I hear it involved a lot of genetic experiments…

James: Scholar has always been an endeavor between Rob (Bass) and Mike W. (drums), and I since 2003, in some way, shape, or form. We have been through many incarnations, but in 2010 we decided to pull out as many stops as possible and really try to balance a musical career within the constructs of our everyday lives.

Rob: Our love of punk rock and manly touches.

Mike: James, Robert, and I have been playing together for close to ten years.  Our love for pop punk and blink 182 is pretty much how we started playing.  Just going over “Cheshire Cat” and “Dude Ranch” songs for fun.  When it came to a real band, we never could get a solid line up other than the three of us.  Interestingly enough, though , Robert and I played with our current singer Jon a few years ago and it never went anywhere…and we never heard from him again.  One day we were watching Strung Out play and noticed Jon was their tech.  When Steve quit vocals, I remembered Jon and stalked him on Facebook until he agreed to sing for Scholar.

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Normally I hate writing reviews, I often feel like my opinion isn’t going to sway anyone into listening to anything. But recently I decided I needed to write a review because A. I run a blog about music and it seems expected of me and B. I’m addicted to this album and I never get addicted to acoustic albums.

Cory Kesselring is a local acoustic act that has been playing around since 2010. I first heard him about 6 months ago when he opened at Punk Rock Prom.  He recently released his first album “One Year Later…” last month. I usually enjoy listening to acoustic sessions live, Cory was no exception, but I find I lose interest when I listen to the same set recorded. The genre seems to lose its flavor when it isn’t live.

Because of my live bias, I was a little hesitant to click download when Cory released his album on Bandcamp. I didn’t want to ruin the soundtrack in my head. But I was surprised when I finally did listen to I, that the soul in his music wasn’t lost on the record. Cory has a delivery similar to Steven Page with a little bit more of a punk edge. Plus better because he isn’t Canadian.

His lyrics talk about depression, insecurities, and being hurt, which in all honestly would normally turn me off from an album. But the reason I keep coming back to “One Year Later” is that it doesn’t approach these topics in the typical emo I hate my life way. The overall message is more like ‘yea life sucks and will get to you, but quit your bitching and get over it’.

The album consists of eight tracks, seven studio recordings, and one live track. It’s available on Bandcamp where you can name your price. ($0 is still a price, but I would suggest donating something).

If you still have that live music itch Cory is also selling a CD of live recordings for $2. You won’t find that one on Bandcamp though, you’ll have to either hunt him down or attend a show to grab that jewel.

Download “One Year Later…” here.

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For this music spotlight we met up with Pink elephant to talk about their different styles of music, the local scene, and their drink of choice when playing.

How did Pink Elephant get started?

Eric: I have known Nick for a number of years and I was playing in another band around down. I wanted to play with Nick; I liked his handle on noise. My old band is an alt-folk rock kind of band; I wanted to do something louder. I asked him to play and brought in my bass player and my drummer from our other band. We got together in February and we were gigging by March.

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You might not be aware of this, but Rochester is going to Hell; At least according to Bob Schlenker creator of Christian conspiracy blog, The Open Scroll.  Since he grew up here, Bob Schlenker has spent a lot of time writing about this little city. Over 25 posts, 200 pages, dedicated to exposing the plans that Beelzebub has for upstate New York. As part of the uninformed masses, I am grateful for websites like The Open Scroll to help show me the light. In our new segment “Going to Hell” we explore some of my favorite reasons that Rochester is due to sink into the seventh layer of hell any day now.

This week we talk about the dark deities that haunt the Rochester airport. I am course speaking of those Nephilim giants that hold authority over the Observatory. While the Free Masons and Satan Worshipers would have you believe that these are merely statues of Eskimo origin, the truth is far more sinister!

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Soviet Dolls is a new electronic pop band out of Rochester. There new EP “Secrets, Lies” is being released tonight on their Bandcamp at 5pm. we met up with the band to talk about the new EP and how the band got started.

So tell us a little about the new EP “Secrets, Lies” coming out.

Matt: We have been working on it since last December. We hooked up with Hannah and started tracking continually until about last month.

Stephen: Matt and I had been working on this project for awhile without a vocalist.

Matt: We had been looking for a vocalist for a while before we met Hannah. Originally Steve and I got together just to write. We put together a few songs and started auditioning for singers. My sister showed me a video of Hannah singing, we ended up getting together with her and we have been working on this project ever since.

Stephen: We weren’t sure if we were going to do a full length or not. Eventually we decided we just want to get some of our music out.

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Taking a look back at some of our favorite articles of last month.

1. Occupy with Krause

Occupy has gotten a lot of heat in this city. It has been called a waste of time and resources. To talk just about the Occupy movement does little justice to the activism that took place before Washington Sq park was occupied, and the activism that still takes place in our city. In honor of the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street I met up with Josh Krause, a local activist, to talk about the legacy of the movement, the beginning and end of Occupy, and what is next for the city’s progressive culture.
2. Rochester Teenset Outsider

Before it became a city, Rochester was known as King’s Landing. Well if Rochester is a place for kings, Will from The Rochester Teenset Outsider is the court jester. His magazine is the perfect combination of entertainment, putting Rochester on the map, and pissing people off for the fun of it.

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